Wednesday, March 31, 2010

But she was smiling...

Arthur loves his little sister. He is always wanting to find ways to make her smile or laugh. A few days ago it was time for his evening bath. Abigail was in a cheerful mood and Arthur wanted me to bring her in the bathroom while he played in the tub. I needed to use the restroom first so I told him I would set everything up once I got out. I left them both smiling in the living room.
Once I was finished in the bathroom, I started the water running in the tub and went out to get Arthur ready for his bath. I was very surprised to see Abigail laying on the floor right outside the bathroom door grinning happily up at me.

My first thought was, "Did she move down the hall by herself?" Then I briefly wondered if someone else was in the house and had moved her. Cautiously I called out to Arthur. "Why is Abigail here?"

He told me that he brought her down the hall. He had carefully wrapped her blanket around her body and dragged her by her feet down the hall and stopped her by the bathroom door. I told him he had to be very careful with her and dragging her down the hall wasn't a good idea. Arthur answered, "But, Mom, she liked it. She smiled the whole time!"

Abigail did get a little rug burn on the back of her head, but was none the worse for wear.