Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 31

The Travel Day

We had a very relaxing morning. Arthur did decide that 7:30 was a perfect time to get up, but we just knocked around in our pjs until 10 or so. By 11 we were heading to the airport with a quick stop at Subway for lunch. Getting to the airport we saw that the flight was delayed an hour. That gave Arthur more time to run around on the playground before going through the security check point.

Once at our gate, we saw that our flight was delayed again. The problem was that there were storms in Chicago. Great! We finally boarded our plane and then were told that Air Force One was in Chicago and we had another hour delay, while we sat on the plane. In fact, the stewardess mentioned that we would get off the plane, but we never did. Finally, we were on the way.

As we approached Chicago, the stewards went through and let us know where our connecting gates were and how much time we would have. Our gate, of course, was in the furthest terminal and we would have to book it. If the airplane had been able to pull up to the gate right away, we would have had an hour to get through the airport and into our seats. However, we sat for half an hour waiting for the gate to clear.

Finally, we got off the plane rushed to the info boards to see that our last flight to Muskegon was cancelled. Sigh. A lady passed and heard that we were stranded and offered her room at the Hilton that she wasn't going to use and then we headed to customer service to get a new flight. While we were in the 100+ person line, a worker pulled us out and took us to the United office to help us directly. Thank you Irma! She rescheduled our flight for the next morning and we walked across the street for the night in the Hilton.

Whew! I did sew some hexes while in the long flight from Portland to Chicago. I have 6 flowers done and need to make 7 more.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the Road, Again

Day 30

Today was our first day of travel. Brian's sister and family were in town this weekend, so I didn't get nearly as much done in the house as I would have liked. At least I was able to get packed. Since it is the last Sunday of the month, the church had a potluck lunch after the service. Yum! I love potlucks!

Once the car was loaded we got on the road and drove to Portland. While I sat in the passenger seat I worked on hexes. These are for the doll quilt swap I joined and they are turning out really cute.

We met Brian's aunt and uncle at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland. It just wouldn't be right to be in Portland and not visit our favorite restaurant. During dinner we found out another of Brian's aunts had sickness running through her house. The original plan was to spend the night at her house, but a friend of ours offered a bed for us.

Tomorrow, the flight doesn't leave until 1:30 so we will have a leisurely morning.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 29

Today was a busy day of packing, but I did get the backing prepped for the quilt. No more time, must get ready to go!

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a Top!

Day 28

The top of the bookcase quilt is done! Now to baste and quilt it. I had hoped to baste it tonight, but that just didn't work. We'll be gone most of the day at the in-law's, maybe I could baste it there. Hmmm....

I'm tired, so I'm not going to talk about much else. I have tomorrow morning to get ready for our trip to Michigan. How did the time go so fast?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 27

After many hours of cutting strips and sewing them back together, the blocks are all done for the bookcase quilt! Now I need to sew them into strips and add the shelving. Pretty simple, but time consuming. My design wall insn't wide enough for all the blocks, the last row doesn't fit, so I may have to clear the living room floor and just play with the blocks for a bit. I can't play too long, though, because I'm running out of time. I HAVE to get this into a top and basted tomorrow. It would also be excellent if I could start quilting it.

Saturday, Brian's sister and family are going to be at his mom's house. We are all going to get together to celebrate Memorial Day. I wonder if I could bring my sewing machine. Hmmm....that's very tempting! I'll wait to see how far I get. I'll also need to pack on Saturday for me and the kids.

Abigail had her 6 month checkup this morning. She is 27.5 inches long and that puts her in the 92nd percentile for her length, but she weighs 14.05 pounds which puts her in the 7th percentile for her weight. The doctor said he wasn't too concerned, but he did want me to try getting more calories in her. So far she has been exclusively breast fed. I had tried to start her on some baby rice cereal once, but she was not feeling well and that didn't go over very well at all. Tonight, I mixed up just over a tablespoon of cereal and she ate it all up! Hooray! I need to go back to the doctor in 5 weeks so they can remeasure her and see how she's doing. I think she will be just fine.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 26

I had hoped to get all the blocks done tonight, but it just didn't happen. I had to take some time trying to figure out the math for the last blocks in each row. There are six rows with 5 blocks each measuring 11 inches (finished) and 1 block measuring 5 inches. I was running into some difficulties because of a couple blocks I had already made and they didn't fit into those constraints. Not wanting to rip a seam out and do it over, I refigured the math. Now, each row has 4 blocks at 11 inches and 1 block at 16 inches. All the 11 inch blocks are finished. I just need three 16 inch blocks. So close to being done and quickly running out of time!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

Day 25

I was only able to make one block tonight. I was completely wiped out and Brian suggested that I should take a break and go to bed. I will after watching a couple episodes of The Office.

Abigail has finally rolled over! We were all very excited to watch her. So far she only rolls to the left.

I'm too tired to say anything else.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Give Away Time

This is a give away hosted on another blog that I follow. Looks like fun.

Day 24

I've been able to get a lot done today. I have enough blocks for 3 full shelves and a little extra. That may not seem like a lot, especially since I have to do 6 rows, but many of the blocks I did today were applique. That is always more time consuming than regular piecing. I'm not done for the night, either. Once I can get Abigail to sleep, or at least happily occupied, I'll be making more blocks. I'd love to be able to get the blocks all done tonight.

Friday I asked Brian to pick up the pictures of Abigail from the WalMart photo studio. When I checked them out, we were missing one sheet of a second pose and had an extra sheet in the original pose. I called and they told me that I was given the spec sheet instead of what I ordered. Since it was nearly closing time I told them I'd be there on Saturday. When I got there Saturday morning, they did not have the sheet I had ordered. The lab would have to send a new one and it wouldn't get here until June 8. I want to take these to Michigan so I asked if they could have it sent to the Michigan WalMart, but she said something about needing to pay shipping. She would try to call the lab and get a rush on it. I was supposed to hear from them by today on what they are going to do, but haven't heard. I'll ask tomorrow since I'll be there getting pictures of Arthur and Abigail together. Should be fun. Arthur hates getting his picture professionally taken.

Back to the sewing room!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 23

Sundays are always a hard day to get much done. We spend the mornings with our church family and then generally do something for lunch with Brian's mom. Today I was exhausted by the time we got home and ended up napping the afternoon with Abigail. Since I slept so long in the afternoon, I was able to stay up later and got some work done. Tonight I was really happy with how some machine applique turned out. I have one more week to get this done.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 22

Today did not go quite as well as I had hoped. I did do some sewing on the bookcase quilt and was able to get a few blocks finished, just not a full row like I had hoped.

Oops! Being called!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 21

I am on a roll! Last night I was able to make 7 blocks, including an applique flower vase. The machine applique turned out great, so that will make things much easier. I was afraid I would have to hand applique the non-book items, which I would normally enjoy. But time is of the essence here. Now, I have enough for 2 rows of the bookcase, 4 more rows to go.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I've told Brian that I really need to have some unbroken time to work on this. He tried to keep Abigail happy for a while earlier tonight, which worked for about 10 minutes. Then she decided that she had absolutely ENOUGH! Mommy, the feeding machine, came to the rescue.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 20

Ah, it feels good to have one project goal ahead of me. Many quilters enjoy pinball quilting, bouncing from one project to another and eventually finishing (or having great dreams of finishing) a few of the quilts. I become very distracted and spend much of my time debating what to do next and therefore wasting time. Now, that's not to say I don't have several projects in various stages going at once. I just can't work on them all at the same time. I like to work on one until I'm bored or find another must do pattern, then I switch. But, I always return to that first project, if not tomorrow, then next week, month or decade.

Well, anyway, here is the project I'm working on now.
I won't say anything more about it at the present time. I should hope to be able to post a picture of the completed quilt at the beginning of the next month.

On the home front...

Abigail is nearly rolling over. She gets about 3/4 of the way to her left and then rolls back.
Her big thing right now is dancing. She will wiggle her head back and forth and move her limbs up and down, all with a huge grin on her face. It's quite cute and I'll have to figure out how to add a video from my camera to this blog. Brian says that a couple days ago she was getting a bit cranky on his office floor. He asked her if she wanted to dance and she began her routine. Too cute!

Arthur has become a test of my patience. I'm working on trying to come up with more individual and mind engaging activities for him. Of course, this is also a test for my own laziness and procrastination. Maybe that's why God gave me children!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Days 14-19

Yes, that's right. I haven't blogged for a week. I haven't quilted, either. Our precious angel has become quite clingy and needy in the evenings. From roughly 6pm - midnight she wants to be held while I or Brian am standing or finding some food or comfort from me. It's wearing and I am not getting much more than the dishes done.

Tonight, however, Brian took Arthur to see the Redmond High School's performance of Peter Pan. Abigail was in a pretty content mood, so I was able to make one quilt block. It felt good to be back in my sewing room. Since I've gotten much of the house in order, I can sneak into the sewing room throughout the day and work on a block or two. I would love to have this top completed by Monday. Get the whips out and keep me going!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 13

Another bust as far as quilting goes. I got such a horrible headache by the end of the day I couldn't even read stories to Arthur. Thankfully Daddy filled in for me.

The second Thursday of the month is our doll club meeting. Over the last several years the club membership has really dropped. We are down to 6 or 7 regular attenders and 11 paid members. I had actually considered dropping from the group, too. I was feeling a burned out from making dolls due to some really bad swaps and I've never wanted to be a doll collector. I was going to let my membership lapse in April 2005 when it was time to renew, but then the club threw a wonderful baby shower for Arthur. I didn't feel right saying thanks for the gifts but now I'm quitting. So, to make it more interesting for me to be part of the group, I took on doing the newsletter. I enjoy making the newsletter and I think the ladies enjoy reading it.

After attending this month's meeting in LaPine, I stopped at Grandma's house to get Arthur. We visited for a bit and got home around 5. The weather has turned gorgeous! Brian and Arthur went to the track for an hour and I napped with Abigail for a bit. My eyes were so tired I began to wonder if I'd make it home. When I woke from my nap, I had a headache. Oh, well! I can always sew tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 12

While watching a Creature Comforts Christmas special, I cut out the paper patterns of all the applique for the BOM. I also chose all the fabric I am going to use for each piece and began tracing the patterns and cutting them out. I should be able to cut most if not all of the fabric tomorrow.

I had hoped to get all the dishes and laundry and clutter taken care of tonight while Arthur spent the night at Grandma's house, but the reality was quite different than the dream. My mind just needed a break. Instead, I watched a DVD of The Office, enjoyed a nice dinner at The Fountains and just vegged in front of the computer. Boy, I needed that!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back on Track

Day 11
Some fellow quilters on QATW have posted pictures of their completed BOM tops. Oh, I wish I could do everything that I'm seeing them do! But, I'm going to stick to my plan. I can't keep changing my mind or this will never be a finished quilt!
I spent most of my time trying to get the perfect butterfly applique pattern drafted. It took many sketches and enlarging on the photo copier, but I got my butterfly ready. I also traced a Sunbonnet Sue and Sam and a heart. I have all the parts drawn out and ready to cut. I can feel my eyes getting tired, so I won't do any cutting now. The weather is supposed to be getting warmer over the next couple of days. If I can get these blocks ready to applique, I can take them with me when I take Arthur to the park. I love to have handwork ready to take with me wherever I go.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Day 10
I had a very relaxing day. So relaxing that I didn't do any quilting. But then, Sundays are always a bit in the air of what I can get done. The mornings we spend at church and many times we spend the afternoon at the in-law's home. We didn't end up getting home until dinner time and then the evening just slipped away.
There's always tomorrow.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 9

The yo-yos are being used! I brought out the top that I have so far for the BOM and played with a couple ideas and placements for the yo-yos. I ended up only using a single yo-yo (would that be a yo?) at each point of the vine. I really like the way it looks. It's simple and gives some good visual space.
I also nailed down the designs I'm doing for the applique. I have a couple blocks on each side that need to be done. One side will have Sunbonnet Sue and hearts, another will have Sunbonnet Sam and hearts, the third and fourth will have a butterfly and flowers. Once I get the dreaded chores done tomorrow (tons of dishes and a mound of laundry) then I can cut out the templates and fabrics for the applique.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 8

Today, I drafted the final ideas for the rest of the BOM that I've been working on. I narrowed it down to two ideas and got a little input from Brian. My plan is to make this quilt for our bed to be used in the Spring and Summer. I was stuck for a month on what kind of applique designs I wanted to use. I've got some solid ideas right now and am ready to get things prepped so that I can work on these last blocks in the car or in bed.
Most of the day I spent away from home. I drove our doll club to Salem for a doll program. Abigail came along with us and did a great job. I was, however, exhausted when we got home. I didn't trust myself to start sewing anything new. I have learned from past experiences an important formula.
Sewing + Tired = Many Mistakes compounded with Tears


Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7

Today I finished the last of the yo-yo's I had prepared earlier. I now have a total of 40, one for each piece of 30's reproduction fabric I have that was big enough to cut a small circle out of. I need to pin them to the BOM quilt I've been working on to see if it's a look I like.

Tomorrow I don't know what I'll work on.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

What? What??

Day 6

For the second day in a row I can't hear anything out of my right ear. It's really thrown me off. I haven't felt much like doing anything, but I did get Abigail to the photo studio at Wal-Mart for her 6 month pictures. And, of course, I made some yo-yo's. I did about 6 today and seem to be about halfway through the pile of circles I cut out a few days ago.

I'm down to 3 weeks before leaving for Michigan! I have to get some things done!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 5

The entire day was spent driving the ladies from my doll club, Second Childhood Doll Club, to Salem for a doll program and then back home. We had a great time and I won a few nice door prizes and a raffle item. I'm tired and won't say much else about the trip, now.
That, however, did not leave much time for quilting. While getting Abigail settled for bed I made a few more yo-yos. I'm not sure how many more I need to do before I've used up all the circles I cut out, but the little jar next to the bed that I'm putting them in is getting quite full.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Day 4

I found a new quilting addiction: fabric yo-yos. These little things are so cute! I went through all of my 30's reproduction fabric and cut one circle from each. I now have them next to my bed and make them while feeding Abigail. I can usually get 2 done during each feeding. Is there a plan for all these little yo-yos? Why, yes!
I have been following a Block of the Month (BOM) on the QATW website at the beginning of the year. Most of the members sailed through the blocks and we've done the steps in nearly a third of the time allotted. I'd like to make my quilt bigger, large enough to fit on our queen-sized bed. I added a vine border and was debating what kind of flower to add. I believe I'll add some yo-yo flowers. I'll lay it out in a couple days to see how it looks. The rest of the yo-yos I am going to make a mobile for Abigail.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 3

It would have been really nice if I had started with more of a rhyme or reason to cutting out the fabric for these hexes. I only need one for the center of a block, but I need 6 for the middle row and 12 for the outer row. I'm finding that several of the fabrics only have 5 or 11 fabric pieces cut out. I've got two blocks started, but need to figure out what direction I'm taking with the outer row for both.

However, I should not be spending my day working on these. The hexes are just for something late at night just before falling asleep. I have a little basket next to my bed with templates and fabrics, needle and thread. What I need to work on during the day are a couple projects that MUST be done before the end of the month.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2

This is the first block I made with hexagons. The Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) quilts traditionally are made of "flowers" like the one above with an outline of white, green or black connecting all the flowers. The early ones, nearly 100 years ago, would have flowers that were all the same or similar. I don't plan on making a traditional GFG quilt. Each block is going to be a combination of pink, cream and brown, but the location with alternate. And I'm not going to separate the blocks with a "path" of a different colored hexes. I'm going to sew the blocks right together.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Year of Quilting

Like many other people that have a creative streak galloping through their veins, I often find myself jumping from one type of craft to another. Generally my interests center around sewing or needlework. In the last couple of years, I've really latched onto quilting. The more I do, the more I realize there is to learn, and the more quilts I want to create. It has occurred to me that the only way I'll make any kind of a dent in my "Want To Make" list is to give myself a goal or deadline. So, that is precisely what I am going to do.

The rules are simple.
I must quilt every day. "What does that mean, exactly?", you might ask. Well, that means that I must, in some way, sew with thread or cut fabric for a quilt. This could be hand sewing a few hexagons together, tracing template pieces onto fabric for a Dear Jane block, strip piece blocks for a border, baste layers together or quilt a design in a quilt. But the day must have some kind of progress toward a quilt finish.

I may not claim fabric petting or purchasing as quilt progress. This also includes looking through my own fabric for the perfect piece. Even though that may get me closer to my goal, this can take hours and many times sidetracks me from the ultimate end - finish a quilt.

So, with saying all that welcome to my
Year of Quilting

Day 1
I dug out some hexagon flower blocks I made last summer. Originally, I had planned to just make a bunch until they reached a twin or queen bed size. I think now that I will make a doll quilt size. I sewed one row of pink blocks around a cream center. The quilt will be browns/pinks/creams.

On the 28th of April, I finished and mailed a doll quilt to my swap partner Kala on Quilting Around the World. I had great fun making this little quilt. The designed is inspired by a wall hanging I saw while searching for doll quilt ideas online. Oh, I hope she likes it! I like how it turned out, but now I'm second guessing what her tastes might be. I guess we'll find out in a few days.