Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 31

The Travel Day

We had a very relaxing morning. Arthur did decide that 7:30 was a perfect time to get up, but we just knocked around in our pjs until 10 or so. By 11 we were heading to the airport with a quick stop at Subway for lunch. Getting to the airport we saw that the flight was delayed an hour. That gave Arthur more time to run around on the playground before going through the security check point.

Once at our gate, we saw that our flight was delayed again. The problem was that there were storms in Chicago. Great! We finally boarded our plane and then were told that Air Force One was in Chicago and we had another hour delay, while we sat on the plane. In fact, the stewardess mentioned that we would get off the plane, but we never did. Finally, we were on the way.

As we approached Chicago, the stewards went through and let us know where our connecting gates were and how much time we would have. Our gate, of course, was in the furthest terminal and we would have to book it. If the airplane had been able to pull up to the gate right away, we would have had an hour to get through the airport and into our seats. However, we sat for half an hour waiting for the gate to clear.

Finally, we got off the plane rushed to the info boards to see that our last flight to Muskegon was cancelled. Sigh. A lady passed and heard that we were stranded and offered her room at the Hilton that she wasn't going to use and then we headed to customer service to get a new flight. While we were in the 100+ person line, a worker pulled us out and took us to the United office to help us directly. Thank you Irma! She rescheduled our flight for the next morning and we walked across the street for the night in the Hilton.

Whew! I did sew some hexes while in the long flight from Portland to Chicago. I have 6 flowers done and need to make 7 more.


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