Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 8

Today, I drafted the final ideas for the rest of the BOM that I've been working on. I narrowed it down to two ideas and got a little input from Brian. My plan is to make this quilt for our bed to be used in the Spring and Summer. I was stuck for a month on what kind of applique designs I wanted to use. I've got some solid ideas right now and am ready to get things prepped so that I can work on these last blocks in the car or in bed.
Most of the day I spent away from home. I drove our doll club to Salem for a doll program. Abigail came along with us and did a great job. I was, however, exhausted when we got home. I didn't trust myself to start sewing anything new. I have learned from past experiences an important formula.
Sewing + Tired = Many Mistakes compounded with Tears


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