Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Days 14-19

Yes, that's right. I haven't blogged for a week. I haven't quilted, either. Our precious angel has become quite clingy and needy in the evenings. From roughly 6pm - midnight she wants to be held while I or Brian am standing or finding some food or comfort from me. It's wearing and I am not getting much more than the dishes done.

Tonight, however, Brian took Arthur to see the Redmond High School's performance of Peter Pan. Abigail was in a pretty content mood, so I was able to make one quilt block. It felt good to be back in my sewing room. Since I've gotten much of the house in order, I can sneak into the sewing room throughout the day and work on a block or two. I would love to have this top completed by Monday. Get the whips out and keep me going!


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