Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 34

The quilting begins! I finished basting and trimming the quilt last night. After sleeping until 10:30 the next morning, thanks to a fussy girl that didn't sleep during the night, I started setting up Mom's machine to quilt. We realized quite quickly that I would need to go out and get a quilting or darning foot. Thankfully, a Singer store is just a couple miles away, so I went off in search of the right foot. Within minutes I was sitting at the machine getting ready to quilt. However, the machine would not work. The thread was somehow getting caught around the bobbin case and pulling it out of the machine. Weird!

After I fiddled with it for a while, Mom sat at the machine. It only took her a few moments of trying everything she could think of to get it working. For some reason, the machine has to be threaded with the feed dogs UP and then you can drop the feed dogs and quilt to your heart's content. And that's exactly what I did.

I'm doing a meander quilt stitch in the black background and then will switch to a cream or tan thread for the rest of the quilt. I've done most of the black in one row out of six. I'm really pleased with how well it's going. Mom's Janome is smooth and quiet. I should be able to get this done in no time.

Tonight we all, Vanessa included, went the the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. Thursday nights is a discount rate of $1.50 a person as opposed to the $7.50 regular fare. Arthur loves the museum and a trip to Michigan just wouldn't be right without a visit. Abigail was as good as gold during the outing. I just hope tonight she will sleep!


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