Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Days 43 - 47

Some may think this is a cop-out, but I am too tired to go back and recreate each day individually. I will, however, fill you in on what happened the last 5 days.

After finishing the binding on the bookcase quilt Friday night, I went through some e-mails and needed to send Brian the info for my flight on Sunday. Only then did I realize that my flight was on SATURDAY! At midnight, I dashed up stairs, woke my parents and let them know that I had to get to the airport the next morning in time for a 6am flight! While Mom held Abigail to keep her happy (she woke when I hastily laid her down in my panic) and Dad checked information on line, I ran around the house and threw everything into suitcases. It took an hour to get everything packed. Since Abigail was now asleep and my folks went to bed to get a couple hours sleep before getting up at 4am, I decided to take a shower. I was too sweaty and keyed up to sleep. Eventually, I did fall asleep around 2:30.

I was sure Arthur would have a fit when I woke him to leave, but he took everything in stride. He never realized that we left a day earlier than I said we would. That, however, was the easiest part of the day. When we got to the Muskegon airport, it took at lest 10 minutes for them to print my boarding passes and tag for my luggage. Mom timed it.

The first stop was Chicago. For some reason, United Airlines decided to change my route from Chicago to Portland and sent me from Chicago to San Fransisco to Portland. In Chicago, my next flight was delayed an hour. Unfortunately, I only had an hour lay over in San Fransisco. Our plane landed in San Fransisco 2 minutes after my flight to Portland left. No, I wasn't on that flight.

I arrived in San Fransisco at 10:50am and didn't leave until 9:55pm. Yes, if you are counting on your fingers that is 11 hours in the San Fransisco airport. They first put me on standby for a flight at 2:30, but the flight was too full. I was guaranteed a seat on the flight at 7:30 which would get me to Portland around 10pm. Then we would have the 3 hour drive home. I went to customer service and had them change my flight into Redmond. The flight was later, but it would get me directly home and at least an hour or more earlier.

The kids did exceptionally well for such a long, tedious day. They both fell deeply asleep on the last flight into Redmond. I couldn't get Arthur to wake up when we landed. I carried Abigail down to the tarmac and put her in the stroller. I then dashed back into the plane and carried Arthur out. It took me several minutes to try to wake him up and not a single person offered to help me. I had a sleeping Arthur, Abigail in the stroller, a large diaper bag and 2 wheeled carry-ons. Eventually, I woke Arthur up enough to have him walk into the airport. Redmond has recently remodeled their airport and for some reason decided that our tiny airport needed a mile long hike into the terminal.

We finally made it into the terminal and baggage area. Guess what? No luggage and not a single person around. We stood around for 40 minutes waiting for a worker to show up, but nothing. A janitor told us that they would pop in and out every now and then, but they didn't that night. So, we finally got home at midnight and fell into bed.

Now, here is the main question: Did I do any quilting? Yes, I did. I packed the hexagons that I was making for the doll quilt and worked on them while waiting in the airport.

Sunday, Day 44, I spent most of the time unpacking and washing clothes. The missing suitcase was delivered that afternoon and I was very happy to have it back and in tack. I took a little down time to make the rest of the hexagons.

Monday, Day 45, all the little hexagons are being turned into flowers. I have 13 flowers in all. I also cut and sewed the green background fabric for the flowers.

Tuesday, Day 46, I have the background prepared and am sewing the flower hexagons down. Unfortunately, I'm late in getting this quilt done. It should have gone in the mail yesterday.

Wednesday, Day 47, the doll quilt is nearly done. I am sewing the binding down right now and will be able to get this in the mail tomorrow.

Whew! That catches me and you all up to date! It's now time to feed my daughter and get ready for bed.


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