Monday, June 7, 2010

Fredrick Meijer Gardens

Day 38

We are all worn out! Right around 10:00 this morning, we loaded up the car (Vanessa's car that was on loan) and drove out to Fredrick Meijer Gardens. It's quite an amazing place to see. We didn't leave until 4:30. Arthur fell asleep almost before we left the parking lot. I think everyone got at least a little bit of a burn. I am lucky enough to look like a lobster.

Even though I was worn out, I still made it out to the fabric store. I needed different thread to finish quilting Vanessa's quilt. One of the ladies there helped me think through what to do with the books and I think I'll do a stitch in the ditch. She thought that would be the most striking with the many books. I did one row of quilting on the shelves and really like how it's turning out. Only 8 more to go, then the books. Hmmm....I better get moving on this!


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Vanessa said...

sorry i wasn't able to join for the gardens, but you had good weather for it at least - and my car, so I was there by proxy!