Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Old House

We have a nice little house that we rent. The landlord called Monday and told us that it was time
to replace windows and that would be happening on Tuesday. From Tuesday through Thursday windows in three rooms (the bedrooms and Brian's office) were torn out and replaced, new siding put up and new trim around the windows and edge of the house. I'll have pictures of the windows and talk about it more later in the week.

Because of the new windows going in, I needed to do some caulking around the interior windows and sills. I decided to also go around to the trim that's been needing some for a while. Once I add a little bit of trim in our bedroom window, I'll be able to paint it all.

I walked through the house yesterday and made a list of everything that needs to be done. All those little, finishing jobs that pile up but seem to be really hard to get motivated to do. Well, I'm motivated! Brian left today for a week of summer camp, so I can work away in the house without bothering him.

My mother-in-law tore up some carpet in her house and had a large roll of decent blue carpet. My sewing room is in a converted garage with concrete floors. I had small squares of carpet here and there, but they kept shifting and didn't cover everything. I emptied the sewing room, rolled out the carpet and moved everything back in on Friday. I love what the carpet does to the room.
It actually feels like a real room instead of just a section of the garage. Since the washer and dryer are in the room, I didn't have the carpet go all the way to the wall. It stops about 5 inches in front of the machines. Perfect if there happens to be an over-flow.

Tonight, I learned a very important lesson about wallpaper: this is not a one-man job.

I bought 2 rolls of border wallpaper from the thrift store last year. I loved it and thought it would be perfect for the room. I matched the paint to the colors in the wallpaper and painted the room. After trying to cut and install trim for the first time around the ceiling, I lost steam and never put the paper up. Tonight I decided that enough was enough. Time to put up the border. The directions seemed simple enough and I didn't need any other tools other than water and a sponge. Well, it was not so simple and I'm glad I had two rolls. The first roll didn't get completely wet when it was submerged in water the first time and just wouldn't stick. I tried to get it wet again, but that just made it worse. That roll is now lying face down in my kitchen for the back to dry while I try figure out what to do with it. The second roll also gave me difficulties, but I did finally get it up. I just hope it is still up in the morning.

The border had stylized lined drawings of cats with a saying in script below them: Once, cats were all wild, but afterward they returned to houses.

I just love this border! I would put it all around the room, but the other 3 walls are very textured and the paper won't stick. I wonder what I could do with that first border? I'm sure the paste mostly came off, but who knows?

I think tomorrow I'll work on cutting trim for the bathroom or paint the window sills in the kids' room and Brian's office. It will depend on what I already have or need to buy.


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