Friday, August 20, 2010

Wrapping it up

I just love this picture!

Today was a full, busy day and I feel great about what I was able to do. Things started a little slowly as I slept in and Abigail didn't wake until 9:30. Hearing the neighbor mow the lawn inspired me to do the same. The morning was cool (70's) and the lawn was getting long. Brian tends to think that if the grass hasn't covered your shoes, it isn't considered too long. I tend to lean more toward the mow every week idea. Since it hadn't been touched in 2 weeks, it was due for a trim. I fertilized the lawn and really gave it a good soaking throughout the day. That in itself is a chore having to move sprinklers all over the lawn trying to make sure every part gets hit with water. But now the lawn looks great and should really green up.

I'm quite proud of the trim I put up in the bedroom. The new window ended up being just an inch or two smaller than the old window which created a gap between the window and wall. It's sealed from the outside so no air could come through, but it just didn't look nice. I found that a 1x3 board and shoe molding made a beautiful fit and framed out the window nicely. See how perfect it finishes off the window?

I made sure painter's tape blocked off everything around the windows in the bedroom, bathroom and my sewing and also the bathroom door. I primed the bedroom and then painted all the places I had taped off.

You can see the baseboard molding in the bathroom and the painted trim around the door. The molding has been stained and sitting in the shed for two years waiting to be used. Feels good to have that project done.

In the shower, the trim along the ceiling is painted as well as the trim and frame around the small window. My sewing room window has also been waiting to be painted for quite a while. Now all it needs is a nice window treatment. I wonder if I have any fabric on hand that will look nice?

By the time all the painting was done, it was dinner time. Arthur, Abigail and I then walked to Dairy Queen for a special dinner treat. Brian will be coming home tomorrow afternoon, so I will be spending the day cleaning up from all the work I've been doing around the house. I also need to clear off the back porch. After clearing everything out of the sewing room to lay down the carpet, I put the things I needed or wanted back in the room. That means a small pile of things that I don't really want in there but don't have another place to put them sits on the porch. Tomorrow, it will all be taken care of!


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