Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Purse Snatcher

Or, more to the point, purse emptier. Abigail loves to find something and completely empty it. Then she will proceed to put much of it back. This day, it was my purse. I have a small laundry basket that holds some of her toys. On a good day, the basket is full and sits near the piano. More often than not, however, the basket has been tipped to it's side spilling all the contents. And where is Abigail? Laying right in the middle of it all flinging the toys she doesn't want behind her.

Anyone who comes to the door will know immediately that this is a house with children.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Did we skip a month?

Did you hear that? That whooshing sound? I think that must have been September whizzing past.

While most of the country experienced a blasting summer, we here in the Pacific Northwest had a pretty cool and mild summer. This in turn is giving us a glorious fall. The tree in our front yard is always the first tree in the neighborhood to change color and loose its leaves. Usually the leaves turn and fall off in 2 days. This year we were able to have at least a full week to enjoy the colors.
And, of course, I had to take a picture of Arthur and Abigail enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Can you see both of their blankies?

We had a wonderful week of rain. Now, others I know hated that week. But living in the desert, we don't get much rain. And I loved the good, solid downpours and the thunder and lighting show that accompanied a few of the rainstorms. Arthur wanted to run around in the rain. Since it was a little cool and getting on toward evening, I found a rain poncho for him to wear.

For one week Arthur's cousins stayed with Grandma. Their mom (Brian's sister) is due to have her fourth baby on November 3, so the kids stayed with Grandma to give her a little break. Arthur ended up spending 4 nights with them all. What a blast they all had.

Abigail (10 months) and Rubylynn (15 months) checking each other out.

Benjamin (4), Helen (2), Arthur (5), Rubylynn (1)
Everyone doing his own thing.