Sunday, June 12, 2011

"The Marionettes"

Here is the quilt that I finished on May 23. The man who commissioned it has already received it and loves it. He said it was perfect! That makes me feel so good.

Close up of the quilting detail.

After mailing the quilt, I found I had no other pressing sewing projects, so I brought out a quilt that I made into a top last year. This is a 30's BOM that we did at QATW at the beginning of 2010.

After hunting through my fabrics and piecing together a backing, I then tried to spray baste the layers together. I used this method for "The Marionettes" and it worked wonderfully. This quilt, however, is much larger. The top measures 99x99. Trying to lay fabric out smoothly on a sticky surface is quite a juggling act. When I finished and lifted the quilt, the back was covered in ripples and puckers.

There was only one solution, but I kicked and screamed for a day. Finally, I removed the backing and resprayed the quilt. This time I made sure that the bottom was smooth and taped down well to prevent the ripples. Success!

I am now close to done with the quilting. Tomorrow I will mark the borders for the quilting design and a scalloped edge. We may be sleeping under this quilt by next weekend. :)

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mrs.pabody said...

You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!