Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Socks and Shoes

It has been my project all summer. I began it just before AWANA and Community Bible Study ended for summer break. Wherever I went, my knitting basket (and later my bag) was by my side. While I traveled, watched TV, visited with friends or family I knitted. I quickly discovered that these socks required a little more concentration. This was my first project to use cables and a few of them are facing the wrong way or extra long. Good thing these socks are black and for me. :)

My knees have been in a lot of pain for over a week and a few people suggested that it may be because of bad shoes. I must admit that my shoes are pretty old. There is a shoe store in Bend that will do custom fitting to find the exact shoe, so I gave them a call. The look at your stride, how you run and measure your foot. Then they will fit a shoe to you. This is free (included in the price of the shoe). So, I asked how much the shoes cost. Any where from $100-$150 and on up. There is just no way we can afford $100 for a pair of shoes, so I went to Walmart. After trying on just about every shoe and walking around in a few for almost an hour, I found a shoe that fit well, seemed to have good support and felt pretty good. And what was even better was that they were on sale for $15!
Now, I have shoes and am looking forward to getting back to my exercise routine. I will let you know another time how I'm changing that up.

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