Wednesday, August 17, 2011

While the Cat's Away...

Every summer, Brian is the videographer at a camp for a week in July and August. That is the time that I take on the big projects at home.

In January I finished a long awaited for quilt for our bed.

It's red, black and white and is being used as our Fall and Winter quilt. In June, I finished a Spring and Summer quilt that has large white areas and splashes of cheery 30's fabrics.

I love the quilts and am thrilled to have them on our bed. But now, the room looks way too busy. Do you remember the walls from last summer?

I never was totally thrilled with how they turned out, but lived with it. Now, they just look awful and clash with the quilts. So, time to paint!

I finished priming the walls this morning and now have one wall finished. I'm really looking forward to having sane bedroom walls.

Sunday night, I finished my first project: a window treatment for my sewing room.

Originally I was going to turn these blocks into a wall hanging. The blocks looked to busy without sashings which made the quilt too large to hang on my wall. I soon discovered that it would fit my window with a little wider border. I lined the quilt top but did not add any batting. I didn't want it getting too thick. Then I quilted it and put binding on 3 sides. The top side is wrapped around a mounting board. I added rings and cord to the back and now have a nice roman blind. I just love the stained glass effect when the sun shines through the window treatment!

This evening I also repaired our sliding screen door. Our cat got it into his head to start scratching on it and created quite a huge hole the last two years. I took down the door, pulled out the screen and gave it and the tracks all a good scrubbing. I then put in a new screen and reinstalled the door. I'm getting that spray bottle full and ready for when that cat begins to show his claws.

I think once the bedroom is painted, I'll focus my energy on organizing. I do have some other outdoor projects I'd like to do, but they can be done when Brian is around and underfoot much easier than when I'm sorting things. Right now his office and the living room are cluttered with the bedroom things.

I'm excited to get this done!

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