Friday, October 14, 2011

To Run or Not to Run

Back on August 24th, I told you that I would explain what I'm doing different with my exercise program and never did. Well, I'll tell you how I changed it and why I'm not following it.

The running program Couch to 5K is designed to get you ready to run a 5K in 9 weeks. Because I started off overweight, this ended up being a killer on my knees. I got fitted for new shoes (courtesy of my dad) and started the program over. However, I decided to take TWO weeks for every one week of the program. For the first month, that seemed to work out great! Then it got really cold (30's at night and never above 45 in the day) and I didn't feel well.

At first, I thought I had a little upset stomach from eating a bit too much homemade hummus. But after 2 full days, I began to reconsider. I then found out on Brian's birthday, September 29, why I felt "off."

Sometime in the spring we will have a new little bundle to add to our brood.

Since I haven't really been running and not for long, I've decided to stop the running program. I am, however, going to try to walk every day. So far, that hasn't really happened. I've been exhausted and getting up later at the same time the kids have been getting up earlier. I need to push myself to walk in the afternoon when Abigail goes down for her nap, but have been napping instead. Monday is the start of a new week and I WILL walk!

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