Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diving into 2012

I know pictures make blogs more interesting, but I frankly don't have it in me tonight. In fact, each time I'm able to get on the computer to blog, it's late at night and I don't want to have to think or get up from my chair to get a camera, load the pictures, etc. Boy, do I sound lazy!

According to the ultrasound technician and the doctor, they put my due date at May 8. They also say that the baby looks very healthy and I'm healthy, too. I don't ever experience the typical nausea and sickness with pregnancy (hallelujah!!) but I do get horrible joint pain. I have now moved into the it's-painful-to-move-and-especially-get-up-from-the-chair stage. I was too exhausted after Arthur was born to notice, but as soon as I was able to start moving after Abigail was born I notice that there wasn't a single pain in my joints. So, in a little less than 4 months I should be able to move around, again.

Arthur turned 7 on January 1; we had a small party at the local pizza place (with a great play area) and he invited a neighborhood friend. They had great fun and everyone cried when it was time to go home. We've begun first grade in earnest and it's exhausting! I feel like I'm on the go all day long. I get a little jealous of those mothers who send there kids off to school for several hours and have that time to themselves to relax their brains for a while. But, Brian keeps reminding me of how much we're are saving Arthur learning from the kids around him. It's a struggle enough to keep the ungrateful, selfish attitudes in check without dealing with what he can pick up from other kids. It's also fun to tailor his subjects to what he needs and skip over what he already has a firm grasp on.

Abigail is very vocal, telling us everything she sees and does. Maybe she'll be a newscaster or commentator when she grows up. I took her for some professional pictures at WalMart a couple days ago. She did quite well, but just wasn't giving the big smiles like she does for us at home. I think I'm going to look into how to take professional-looking photos at home. We'd get a better response and I think save some money in the long run.

I've been sewing up a storm. I joined (actually, I started the group) a quilt finishing group at QATW. The goal for everyone is to finish at least 2 quilts before starting a new one. I have a personal challenge from one of the members to finish 12 quilts this year. So far, I have 2 done and am in the middle of quilting my third one.

I'm also sewing dolls for Migima. I turned in my first test set of dolls, which the owner was very happy with, and now I have an order to finish 4 more sets by the end of January. A set is 4 dolls - man, woman, boy and girl.

So, life in 2012 is very busy. I really don't see it slowing down any time soon, either.

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