Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Jump Start

While chatting with a friend at QATW, we got to talking about New Year's Resolutions and our growing piles of unfinished quilts. I proposed an idea to have a year long quilt-along for others to join me in trying to turn these UFOs (UnFinished Objects) into finished quilts. This friend then challenged me (in the midst of much teasing) to finish 12 quilts this year. If I could, she would send me 12 F4's. I accepted.

So, I scoured my shelves in the sewing room and came up with 21 UFOs. I really wanted to get a great jump start on this little challenge, so I put the easiest ones up front. It paid off - I finished 3 quilts in January.

Peter Rabbit - A panel that Brian's grandmother gave me when Arthur was born. It's only been 7 years, but it is now finished.

Let It Snow - This is a small wall hanging that I made as a swap at QATW. The theme was winter and I just loved these little snowmen. I did see this design on another blog, but I can't remember where, at the moment.

My House - These are house and tree blocks that were swapped at QATW last year. I just love how this one came out. This quilt is now on the recliner, ready to be used for those afternoon naps that I have come to love.

I doubt I'll get nearly this much done in February, but I'll be thrilled with one finished quilt next month. I've got 2 picked out to work on, so we shall see how it goes.


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Anna Kristine said...

Wow Veronica, I'm impressed! I would have been impressed by one finished quilt! :) Those snowmen are too cute! I have so many unfinished quilts in my project box...I'm scared to count them...okay I just did, I have 7. That doesn't sound too bad but 3 of them are Grandmother's flower garden quilts, all hand stitched, so those will take me forever. Maybe I should do a quilt challenge next year. :) Thanks for sharing your link! Now I'm inspired! Can't wait to see what you get done in February!