Monday, March 12, 2012

Sewing Woes

My main sewing machine that I use for all my sewing is a Nechhi Supernova Ultra machine from 1959. I love this machine.

It is my main sewing machine. I use it for all my quilting, doll sewing, clothing, etc. It has a few issues, but one in particular is really hampering the sewing. The stitch length regulator is slipping. This is the little knob on the front of the machine to the right which changes the length of my stitches.

It's always been a bit tricky, especially when sewing through bulky fabric or thick seams. The stitch would slowly creep to a longer stitch. And at times, it would jump up to a longer stitch when I hit the reverse button. Well, now, the stitch length won't hold at all. If I don't hold the knob in place when I sew (and that can get very awkward) then it slips all the way to the longest stitch, the basting stitch.

I mentioned my problems to Brian and he immediately had a solution.

Duct Tape!

This is only temporary, of course ~ unless it works. And it does work! I can finally stitch without my length changing even a centimeter. Since I don't change my stitch length very often (I only need to make it a little smaller when sewing the fingers on all the dolls) then that tape stays! When I go into the hospital to give birth in May, my plan is to take the machine to a mechanic so he can look at the knob and just give the machine a thorough one over. I've already told the woman for whom I sew dolls that I need the month of May off, so that seemed like a perfect time.

Hopefully, my machine will be able to be fixed and and made operational, again. It would certainly be cheaper and less time consuming than having to look for another sewing machine.

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