Thursday, April 19, 2012

Counting Down

It's hard to believe that I'm down to 11 days before the BIG DAY! I'm ready... and then, I'm not.

I had such great plans for sewing before going into the hospital, but that hasn't panned out as planned. Right now, I'm just trying to get on top of the laundry, dishes and massive clutter around the house. I'm still waiting for that burst of energy pregnant woman reportedly experience toward the end of pregnancy.

I'm still trying to finish an order of dolls that I had hoped to finish at the beginning of April. I don't think I have to go anywhere tomorrow, so I will work on getting the clothes cranked out as quickly as possible. I also have a couple of quilt swaps that I need to finish next week. The original plan was to take my machine in to get serviced while I'm in the hospital, but finances have turned a bit more sour. The tape is still working marvelously in keeping the stitch length regular and I found the correct needle for sewing on knit. I guess I'll just plod along the best I can until things improve.

The ladies in my church threw a baby shower for me this week. They were all so excited! Our church is mostly made up of retired people, so there aren't many baby showers happening. I got so many nice gifts, with the biggest one being a Sit and Stand stroller from Baby Trend.

This will be perfect when the kids and I go to the parks or library this summer. Abigail just isn't up to making the walks without them taking an hour long. This stroller is so nice. It moves smoothly, isn't much bigger than our single stroller when folded up, has a tall handle, and has plenty of room for a long stride (which Brian always complained about with our other stroller).

I was also given a really nice diaper bag (saves me from making one with the time I no longer have), onesie and socks, cloth diapers, a basket for the baby (I just need to add handles to make it like a Moses basket), a couple of blankets, a gift card to Fred Meyer, and several small baby essentials to go in the diaper bag. Oh, and one of the ladies is making a couple of baby slings after she can get the pattern which goes on sale next week. I have been very blessed by everyone's love and generosity!

I think I'm going to go play with the new diaper bag and start packing it for the hospital.

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