Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Machine

Necchi 575 FA
I purchased a Necchi 575 FA sewing machine a couple days ago.  I saw it listed on a local group and knew I wanted it the moment I read "Necchi".  My main machine is also a Necchi, but it is in need of some repair.  Nothing that keeps me from sewing, but I would like to have it checked out.

This machine comes in a separate carrying case and has the cords and accessories that are original to the machine.  It does not look or feel like it's been used very much.  I spent tonight setting it up, cleaning and oiling the machine.  I then did some practice sewing and quilting.  The quilting worked pretty well as long as I moved my hands slowly.  (I tend to get impatient and speed right along.)  I fiddled with the tension in the bobbin and the machine and think I have it just about perfect.  Tomorrow I'll play with seams and straight stitches to find the perfect 1/4" seam.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase.  For only $20 I was able to get a machine from a brand I really like in great working condition.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New Day

A friend "kindly" pointed out to me that I had not posted anything new since November 6th.  Yikes!  I definitely can't claim to be a "blogger", but I do enjoy having a blog and dream of saying something witty that will have readers rolling on the floor.

Until that happens, I'll just do a quick recap of the end of 2012 and launch into 2013.

Then end of the year always gets crazy around here.  We have birthdays in September, October, November and January.  Add in there Christmas and New Years and all the things that go along with those holidays and we're kept pretty busy. 

It doesn't happen often, but we had picture-worthy snow Christmas Eve and Day.  It was so pretty!  Yesterday and today warmed up enough to were most of that snow has melted.  Of course, I had planned on some science activities requiring snow and icicles next week.  I wonder if we'll get any snow then?

We revved up homeschool on Monday and it's been going pretty well so far.  I've added some work for Abigail to do so that she can be part of all the fun.  Arthur keeps getting distracted by her enthusiasm over her work, but he'll eventually get used to it.

I've had a break from sewing dolls for Migima for a couple months and have been enjoying the time to sew for the family, clean or organize.  The next place I need to organize is my sewing room.  It has become the store-it-in-here-until-we-can-find-a-place-for-it-or-until-the-company-leaves-and-we-don't-need-to-hide-it-anymore room.  I can't even reach my sewing machine right now.  I'll need to do a before and after photo.  And I challenge myself to have it cleaned and organized by the end of January.  That's right, folks!  You read it here.  The sewing room will be cleaned and organized by January 31!